Day 16


My Peloton experience was derailed when the movers FINALLY showed up with our stuff (Suddath Sucks) and to throw in some more chaos we took a four hour trip to see my husbands grandparents he hadn’t seen in ten years. Then he parents came out for a short trip to see the new house.

I managed to clock in eleven rides in fifteen days. I have been picking random twenty minute rides trying out the different instructors. It’s definitely getting easier then the first couple of rides. Still in love with the bike shorts ❤️

My goal for the week is five days straight of twenty minutes classes. I’m still on the fence with buyers remorse, since I have a track record of buying expensive equipment that never gets used. I’m more optistmistic with the Peloton bike because I look forward to selecting a class and listening to the music. It seems easier when you have a trainer telling you what to do instead of trying to find motivation to run on a treadmill.



Day 3 & 4

Ouch, Day 3- I had all sorts of pain/tenderness in my groin area. I got on the bike with the intention of doing 20 minutes even if I had to go slow. I got 5 minutes in and I quit.

Day 4 -I woke up and the pain/tenderness was gone. The mailman brought the bike shorts I had ordered from Amazon.  I did a full 20 minutes at the actual cadence & resistance that Coach Steve Little suggested !  Loved the bike shorts even if they feel like you are wearing a diaper. Don’t thing I would be caught wearing them in public, but walking around the house they are comfy.


Day 1 & 2

A SMART person would have gone directly to the Peloton 101 section which walks you through step by step on how to set your bike up properly, clip in, and all that jazz. I on the other hand had heard that there was a “Hamilton Ride” and felt compelled to start my Peloton journey with this epic ride.


The menus are very user-friendly. I found the 30 min Best of Broadway ’16 Ride with Robin Arzon 2/9/16 easily.  The stats on the screen are amazing.  I had purchased the accessory pack that came with the heart ra

te monitor. That syncs up automatically to the screen. The big two numbers they seem to follow are cadence & resistance. Robin calls out where your numbers should be, then it’s up to you to work on getting there.  Five minutes into class I was DYING and stopped following what Robin was calling out. I pedaled all the way to the end of the class so I could listen to the music and say I actually completed it. The class was little too ambitous for a never been on a spin bike in my life girl to have tried to undertake on her first go, but the high energy coming from the screen is contagious.

The second day I did a random 20 minute BEGINNER class, and made it 10 minutes following along with the instructor before I gave up and just pedaled my own speed for the rest. This biking thing is much harder than it appears.

Waking up on day three EVERYTHING hurts. My groin area is sore. I thought I had a rash or something but after some tricky mirror positioning nothing is there. It hurts to sit on the seat. I searched the facebook group and they promise this is common, and in 4 or 5 days my body will be used to the seat. I also feel like I have a blister on the ball of my foot by my big toe.

I’ve decided today, Day 3, that I’m going to actually start at the beginning with the Peloton 101 videos because I don’t think I have the proper setup, and I need some serious help with how to get off of your bike with toe clips. Getting in isn’t too difficult, but getting out I struggle with.

The Arrival

I was expecting some razzle dazzle for the $250 shipping fee. My delivery window was between 4-7pm. They showed up at 3:50pm after calling 20 minutes prior to let me know they were on their way.

IMG_20170619_083144_453They arrived in a Penske truck with the bike already assembled. I was expecting them to have to build it in my living room so that was a nice surprise. This thing is heavy (125 pounds) so be sure you know exactly where you want it.  The guys carried the bike in and while one was attaching the monitor the other was cutting off all of the protective bubble wrap/tape. Totally time in-house was under 20 minutes.

I had already set up an account on the iPad app so I told the guys I had everything under control. They were nice enough and knowledgeable enough about the bike that they would have stayed and walked me step by step through setup and taking a class, but I felt like I had it under control and blessed off on them leaving.

Delivery Day

Apparently the Peloton people got to me with their nonstop Peloton commercials during the Christmas season. We just moved from North Carolina to Kansas. Unfortunately the small town I’m living in doesn’t have much to offer yoga-wise so I was looking for an alternative to “burn off some mom-stress”.

I was extremely hesitant to purchase the bike because of the price tag and my history of quitting exercise fads. My last purchase was the water rower after I saw Kevin Spacey use it on The House Of Cards. It’s awesome, looks great in the house, but is hard as hell to use. I swear I need a two hour nap after using that thing for 15 minutes. I sweat from every pore in my body using the water rower.


After a week straight of being bored and having nothing to do because we are still waiting for the moving truck to arrive (avoid Suddath moving company at all costs) I broke down and ordered a Peloton Bike on Sunday. First thing Monday morning I got a call and scheduled the delivery for Saturday.  I ordered the accessory pack with the shoes, heart rate monitors, ear phones, weights, and mat. That all arrived on Thursday.


Now I sit here one hour from my delivery window of 4-7pm and wonder what the heck I got myself into. I have never even been to a spin class in my life, but I did like to ride bikes in my youth so that has to count for something right ?