Delivery Day

Apparently the Peloton people got to me with their nonstop Peloton commercials during the Christmas season. We just moved from North Carolina to Kansas. Unfortunately the small town I’m living in doesn’t have much to offer yoga-wise so I was looking for an alternative to “burn off some mom-stress”.

I was extremely hesitant to purchase the bike because of the price tag and my history of quitting exercise fads. My last purchase was the water rower after I saw Kevin Spacey use it on The House Of Cards. It’s awesome, looks great in the house, but is hard as hell to use. I swear I need a two hour nap after using that thing for 15 minutes. I sweat from every pore in my body using the water rower.


After a week straight of being bored and having nothing to do because we are still waiting for the moving truck to arrive (avoid Suddath moving company at all costs) I broke down and ordered a Peloton Bike on Sunday. First thing Monday morning I got a call and scheduled the delivery for Saturday.  I ordered the accessory pack with the shoes, heart rate monitors, ear phones, weights, and mat. That all arrived on Thursday.


Now I sit here one hour from my delivery window of 4-7pm and wonder what the heck I got myself into. I have never even been to a spin class in my life, but I did like to ride bikes in my youth so that has to count for something right ?



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