The Arrival

I was expecting some razzle dazzle for the $250 shipping fee. My delivery window was between 4-7pm. They showed up at 3:50pm after calling 20 minutes prior to let me know they were on their way.

IMG_20170619_083144_453They arrived in a Penske truck with the bike already assembled. I was expecting them to have to build it in my living room so that was a nice surprise. This thing is heavy (125 pounds) so be sure you know exactly where you want it.  The guys carried the bike in and while one was attaching the monitor the other was cutting off all of the protective bubble wrap/tape. Totally time in-house was under 20 minutes.

I had already set up an account on the iPad app so I told the guys I had everything under control. They were nice enough and knowledgeable enough about the bike that they would have stayed and walked me step by step through setup and taking a class, but I felt like I had it under control and blessed off on them leaving.


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