Day 16


My Peloton experience was derailed when the movers FINALLY showed up with our stuff (Suddath Sucks) and to throw in some more chaos we took a four hour trip to see my husbands grandparents he hadn’t seen in ten years. Then he parents came out for a short trip to see the new house.

I managed to clock in eleven rides in fifteen days. I have been picking random twenty minute rides trying out the different instructors. It’s definitely getting easier then the first couple of rides. Still in love with the bike shorts ❤️

My goal for the week is five days straight of twenty minutes classes. I’m still on the fence with buyers remorse, since I have a track record of buying expensive equipment that never gets used. I’m more optistmistic with the Peloton bike because I look forward to selecting a class and listening to the music. It seems easier when you have a trainer telling you what to do instead of trying to find motivation to run on a treadmill.